Transcript Requests

  • Need an Odyssey transcript?

    We're happy to help! Please contact Annette Rzepka at (585) 966-5246 from September-June or call (585) 966-5309 from July-August.

    We need your:

    1. Name at time of graduation or leave date and proof of identity
    2. Birth date and 
    3. Year of Graduation or leave date
    4. Address where the transcript should be mailed or if you will be picking it up.

    Transcripts are FREE. Please remember that colleges and universities require an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT. If you are picking up your transcript, you will receive a copy for your records and an official transcript in a sealed envelope. DO NOT OPEN THE ENVELOPE THAT CONTAINS THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT. This must be given directly to your college or university in the sealed envelope.