English Language Arts: 9-12

  • Comprehensive literacy instruction at the secondary level must encompass the receptive language skills of listening and reading as well as the expressive language skills of speaking and writing. Teachers are expected to integrate all these components as they expose students to a wide variety of literary and informational texts and as they provide students with opportunities to generate their own texts in a variety of genres in order to address the New York State Learning Standards.

    Based on current research and best practices in literacy education, the District has identified guidelines that will enable all students to build on the foundation established in elementary school to enhance and improve their literacy skills in their secondary classes:

    • Instruction will reflect the implementation of the secondary Balanced Literacy Framework that promotes reading and writing instruction through a workshop approach and that supports students' continued study of words and language

    • Instruction will be provided through a learning-centered teaching process that includes explicit teaching, guided practice, independent practice, reflection, and sharing

    • Instructional decisions will be based on information from ongoing assessments, both formative and summative

    • Targeted instruction will be provided to students in small and large flexible groups to address their areas of need based on ongoing, diagnostic assessment information
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