Welcome to Athena Middle School

  •   Athena Middle School  Exterior of Athena Middle School
      800 Long Pond Road
      Rochester, NY 14612
      8:05 a.m.-2:35 p.m.

      Athena first opened in September 1969. We serve sixth, seventh and eighth grade students from classrooms on the third floor of the Athena complex on Long Pond Road. Athena Middle School is a separate and unique school from our neighbor, Athena High School. We have our own  administration, counseling staff,  nurse, teaching staff, support staff, cafeteria, gymnasium and activities. Though the majority of classes are located on the 3rd floor, we also use some second and first floor rooms as well.

    Athena is built almost in a square, which makes it easy to find classrooms. The third floor is approximately 1/5 miles in length. Students do a fair amount of walking each day traveling to and from classes. Student lockers are located in the hallways near the student’s first period classroom. Each student has his/her own hall locker, as well as a gym locker when changing for swimming and/or athletics.

    • colors are black and gold
    • mascot is a Trojan


    The mission of Athena Middle School community is to assure that

    all students experience success as they develop appropriate social skills

    and strive toward academic excellence.



    Be Respectful

    be polite, use appropriate language and voice level, be a positive influence

    Be Responsible

    bring materials to class, acknowledge your actions and effect on others,

    Be Productive

    be on time and ready to learn


    Responsible Decision Making - Choices

    Self-Awareness - Reflection

    Social Awareness - Empathy

    Relationship Skills - Collaboration

    Self-Management - Resiliency