Academic Letters and Bars

  • Students earn letters and bars for academic performance. The following system is used to calculate points towards these awards:


    There are 4 quarters in each school year.  Each of these quarters has a quarterly/term GPA score.  This quarterly/term GPA score will range from 0-100.  Starting in the 4th quarter of the students 8th grade year through the 3rd quarter of their senior year, quarterly/term GPA points are tracked. 


    A quarterly/term GPA of 84.9%-89%=15 points, 89.5%-95%=20 points and 95%-100%=25 points. 


    When a student accumulates 120 points, they earn an academic letter.  Each 100 points accumulated after that earns them an academic bar.  Each student has the potential to earn one academic letter and two academic bars before they graduate. Earning an academic letter or bar is an honor and exemplifies Leopard Pride.