• At Craig Hill, we've developed new and exciting ways to integrate and enliven our curriculum so that students will have the best educational opportunities possible. We want all students to learn to the best of their ability. Lessons are presented in ways that will invite students to discover, to be curious about their world, and to communicate what they learn with each other and their teacher. We are dedicated to supporting the “whole child,” instilling the assets of respect, responsibility and a readiness to learn in all of our learners.

Brandin Jones, Principal
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  • August 8, 2022, 


    Dear Craig Hill Elementary School Families, 


    Let me be the first to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year!  Myself along with the Craig Hill staff are preparing for the opening of school with excitement and enthusiasm.  


    Craig Hill’s theme for this upcoming school year is empowering ourselves and others.  The word “empower” is defined as “making (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life….”. Our goal as a school community is to empower our students to take academic risk to further their growth. We also want to empower our students with the skills to be leaders who ask questions of their learning, actively participate/engage in instruction, and accept others for who they are, no matter their differences.  As a staff we will work to empower ourselves with the skills needed to ensure our students get what they need/deserve to succeed academically, as well as, socially and emotionally.  


    At Craig Hill, we are committed to the following values: 

    • Welcoming- We will work toward an environment where everyone, students, staff, parents/families, feel as though they belong and feel as though they are affirmed.

    • Achievement- As a school we will strive for each student to grow to their fullest potential and achieve at the highest of levels. 

    • Empower- We will empower students with the skills necessary to become leaders that take academic risk, question and engage in their learning, and accept others for who they are and what they bring to the table.

    • Commitment- Students will be committed to their growth as individuals and as community members, this includes a commitment to their academics. As a staff, our goal is to help our students realize the power of committing to their own success.

    • Collaboration- We will provide opportunities for our students to learn from and about each other through working together on academic and SEL tasks.

    Student success is our goal and our values will help us get there.  These values guide our thinking and decisions here at Craig Hill. 

    Enjoy the remainder of summer! If you have any questions please reach out to us at 966-4500.


    Brandin Jones