• Non-GCSD Employees (student teachers, contractors, vendors, BOCES etc) must request a GCSD "Vendor Account" to access our computers and/or email.

    1. The vendor (not the GCSD supervisor) completes this online Non-Employee Account Request Form using a non-GCSD email account where the vendor account information will be sent after it is set up. Vendor account requests are created within 3 business days after approval and expire on June 30 or earlier based on need.  Extensions may be requested through your GCSD School Principal/Dept Manager as needed via email to the supervisor and tom.mariano@greececsd.org.
      1. The email address of the vendor's GCSD School Principal/Dept Manager is required when submitting the form. 

      2. GCSD Vendor accounts can be used to access our copiers by typing in the username and password directly into the copierAs a convenience, vendors may also request a copier PIN in the "other" section of this form or by emailing techhelp@greececsd.org.