World Languages

  • The Languages Other Than English program provides students with the opportunity to study and appreciate the language and culture of other countries and to broaden their personal and cultural perspectives. Within an interactive environment, students develop communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Italian, French, Spanish, and receptive and expressive skills in American Sign Language. The focus is on language use, a performance model, in order to prepare students to function independently, spontaneously and comprehensibly in the language.

    Teaching language includes not only developing the learners’ language proficiency, but developing the learners’ content knowledge as well. Thus integrating knowledge and skills from other disciplines promotes logical and creative thinking. Language study empowers learners to engage in meaningful, direct interaction with members of other cultures. Students are provided with opportunities to develop insights that are available in no other way and become skilled observers and analysts of other cultures.

    Students will have the opportunity to use these languages in presentations, converse with friends and native speakers, read newspaper and magazine articles, understand cultural customs and festivities, and make connections to other content areas. Language study beyond Level I is encouraged to fulfill the Languages other than English requirement for an Advanced Designation Regents diploma. Opportunities to earn college credit are available beyond Level III and vary by school.

    Study of any language will help students to:
    • Understand their own native language and speak
    it better
    • Learn that people all over the world share
    the same interests and values in music, art,
    sports, and everyday customs
    • Interact with people from other countries
    through email, pen-pals, exchanges, and
    possible trips abroad at the high school
    • Perform better in other subjects
    • Make plans to go to college or find a future